When your project meets law

IFORI is a niche legal firm that specialises in intellectual property law and ICT & privacy law in addition to practising general commercial law.

We would be happy to help you protect your IP (trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights, trade secrets, etc) worldwide and draft and negotiate your IT agreements and R&D and trading contracts. If your company requires structural legal support in-house, IFORI is exactly the partner you are looking for.

It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for law, so much as a respect for right.

Bernard Gravez
Legal Counsel
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IT and business are inextricably interwoven, it's not meaningful to talk about the one without talking about the other.
Bill Gates

Karel Holst
Legal Counsel
IP/IT law consultant
Data Protection Officer
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“In matters of style you swim with the current. In matters of principle you stand like a rock” – Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Vermaerke
Sr. Legal Counsel
Certified DPO
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Wisdom comes from the anticipation of consequences.
Norman Cousins

Frank Van Steenwinkel
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Passion in the law is a good thing. It's the passion to right wrongs, to protect people who need protection, and to help people who need help. It's the passion to make a difference.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Morgane Verrue
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Intellectual Property is the oil of the 21st century. - Mark Getty

Jochen Baes
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A goal without a plan is just a wish.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Lynn Callant
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Our services

Reputatie Management

Reputatiemanagement en controle over uw persoonsgegevens.

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Whistleblowing & Compliance

Practical questions around implementation of whistleblowing

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Influencers & management

IFORI are legal advisors in the creative industry

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Advocaten halen slag thuis tegen fiscus in Cassatie

In 2019 gaf het Hof van Beroep te Gent de fiscus gelijk dat advocaten voor conclusies, ingebrekestellingen, brieven,… geen gebruik…

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Major innovations in the European patent landscape: The Unified Patent Treaty

We’re almost there: The Unified Patent Treaty will soon enter into force. The Treaty foresees two major innovations in the…

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Mandatory registration of art and antiques dealers enters into force

The mandatory registration of art and antiques dealers (as well as customs warehousing) has been included in the Anti-money laundering…

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DPO Checker

Check if you’re obliged to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO).