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As entrepreneurs ourselves and because of our close cooperation with hundreds of companies throughout the years, we have experienced the struggles entrepreneurs go through in building their business first hand. More importantly, we have overcome them and have helped our clients overcome the obstacles they’ve encountered as well.

What do we do?

IFORI can assist you in more than addressing legal matters. We assist companies ranging from start-ups to large multi-nationals and advise them on any legal and commercial challenges they are confronted with such as entering new markets, product development, domestic and transnational cooperation with other companies, exploitation strategy, opening new branches or subsidiaries…

Our added value

We have extensive experience mentoring not just our clients, but many other companies through mentorship programs organized by VLAIO, VoKa, Provinciale Ontwikkelingsmaatschappijen, etc. This has brought us into contact with various start-ups, scale-ups and multinational companies from a large variety of different sectors. Because of this extensive experience, we are quite confident that we can provide added value to your undertaking regardless of what sector you are active in and regardless of what development stage your company is currently in.


The law can be complex and sometimes counter intuitive, but it is important to get it right to safeguard your rights and avoid liabilities. For this reason we always engage ourselves to explain your legal rights and obligations in clear and understandable language, not just through legal consultancy, but also through webinars, seminars, e-learnings and trainings. We repackage the law in such a way that you understand the opportunities and the risks that it brings with it.

What do we do?

IFORI offers training to raise your employees’ awareness of legal issues such as the GDPR, intellectual property and trade secrets, fitted for your needs. We can also provide webinars and seminars, lectures, keynotes and e-learnings.

Our added value

IFORI has extensive experience in giving training, webinars and seminars, lectures, keynotes and creating e-learnings for both entrepreneurs and legal professionals. Our extensive practical experience allows us to take a practical and commercial approach to understand the law rather than a theoretical approach. We know that you need to know what the law means for you and what you have to do to be compliant and that is exactly what we set out to do.

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