E-learning on the legal and ethical aspects of Artificial Intelligence

Has your company already jumped on the AI-train or are you still looking at the possibilities? Then you are far from alone! AI now has numerous use cases across different sectors and its use is growing enormously.

Of course, there is a lot to discover and learn on a technical level, but also on a legal and ethical level new developments and insights follow each other in rapid succession. Curious about the legal and ethical framework around AI? Discover the free IFORI e-learning Ethics & law in AI, available via IFORI Academy (only available in Dutch).

IFORI is a legal consultancy specialized in protecting intellectual property rights, IT law and stimulating innovation. As a one-stop shop, we are the legal reflex for our clients, both for quick and hands-on advice and for more in-depth advice on rather complex issues. We guide our clients from their initial concept to final product. We speak “art, computer code and business” to our clients and help them write their success story.


The e-learning consists of several modules that you can follow in the order you prefer. Starting with the introduction seems advisable to us. The modules are divided into two major parts: ‘law’ and ‘ethics’.

Within each section you will find four modules that will give you more insight into important topics such as ‘AI & intellectual property’, ‘AI & privacy’ and ‘AI & human bias and discrimination’. In less than five hours, you will have mastered all the important legal and ethical concepts linked to AI.

Target group

The e-learning focuses mainly on legal profiles but also on AI project managers and developers with an interest in the legal and ethical side of the business and this both in the public and private sector.


When you have successfully completed all modules, you will receive a certificate. This demonstrates that you have successfully completed the course and have the skills to identify and act upon the legal and ethical implications of an AI project.


Registration for Ethics & Law in AI is free and can be done by creating an account on IFORI Academy.

You do that by filling out this form or by scanning the QR code. We will activate your account within 72 hours.

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You can always contact us at academy@ifori.be.

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This training was developed in partnership with iTESE et Story Publishers.