New members to the Madrid Protocol: Expand your International application

On September 28, the United Arab Emirates joined the Madrid Protocol. Earlier this year, Pakistan and Trinidad and Tobago also already joined the Protocol. This makes it possible to file trademark applications in the above countries as part of an International trademark application.

The Madrid Protocol means that by filing a single trademark application through a national or regional trademark office, protection can be obtained in several countries or regions simultaneously. The Madrid system is thus the one-stop-shop for trademark owners to obtain and maintain protection in multiple markets.

This system offers not only administrative advantages, but also major financial benefits. Trademark applications filed through the Protocol will usually trigger a much lower cost than filing a trademark directly nationally. For example, it was widely known that it was enormously expensive to file a trademark nationally in the United Arab Emirates. Although it is not yet known what costs will be charged for the indication in this country, one can assume that these will already be a lot lower than when filing a UAE trademark at the national level.

The United Arab Emirates is the 125th country of the Madrid Protocol. Their accession will take effect on December 28, 2021. From then on, it will be possible to obtain trademark protection in 124 countries, in addition to the territory of your basic application, through the International trademark application.

IFORI would be happy to assist you in expanding your trademark or trademark application.


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