Trade Secrets

Information is the currency of the knowledge economy

The economic success of several global companies depends on secrets and form the foundation of these companies. Based on European Directive 2016/943, it is possible to protect those secrets from theft or industrial espionage.  The minimal requirements for trade secrets are pretty simple:

  • the trade secret can be any information, as long as it’s secret
  • with a commercial value because of its secrecy, and
  • which is kept secret through reasonable means.

The protection offered through trade secrets is more precarious than classic intellectual property rights, insofar that it does not preclude a third party to use the information when legitimately discovered or developed. However, it offers the great benefit of being unlimited in time.

What do we do?

  • Identifying the information that would/should be considered a Trade Secret and mapping the security measures applicable to the alleged Trade Secrets.
  • Assess what additional measures are required to obtain protection and assist you in implementing these measures
  • Assist you in monitoring compliance and enforcing your rights.

Our added value

IFORI closely works together with experts on data security, whose expertise and experience we can add to our already multidisciplinary team of experienced jurists. We do not merely look at the legal side of things and give you vague stock answers, we instead go much further and can offer you a complete package with specific, concrete suggestions, assistance in compliance implementations and monitoring afterwards.

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