Robotics & AI

As technology is evolving, it is undeniable that traditional law concepts are not fit to deal with the specificities and opportunities offered by new technologies. At IFORI, we choose to be part of this “r”evolution instead of fighting it.

Tomorrow is today.

AI cannot be governed with the same rules as humans however, this should not mean that they are free from regulation. Code should be ruled by code. We believe that properly designed AI and robots are nothing to be afraid of.

What do we do?

Our team of AI experts (both with ethical, legal, and technical backgrounds), advises ‘new tech’ (enabled) processes from conception to decommissioning. We implement proper safeguards to ensure legal compliance and assists engineers in pondering ethical questions, thinking along with them. We also keep track of the latest “hard and soft” law.

Our added value

IFORI’s added value stems jointly from our strong in-house experience with tech companies and our technical and academical resources. We offer a clear, honest and positive response to AI & Robotic related issues.